Welcome to NYCVFX.com

Hi, I'm Matt St. Leger, a New York City based freelance Compositor.

I've recently added a new demo reel, a project I co-directed and produced for Ecko, some creative works, and some cool resources for artists. If you haven't visited my page lately, take a look around- there's a lot of new stuff to see.

Feel free to email me at matt@nycvfx.com.


10/22/08: I'm currently compositing at PandaPanther.

9/22/08: I'm currently compositing at Psyop

9/22/08: Updated Work page

9/1/08: I'm currently compositing at BL:ND

8/12/08: New AE files and stuff on my Resources page.

8/1/08: I'm currently animating for the nice folks at PandaPanther.

7/15/08: New reel updated to site.

5/25/08: I'm currently compositing at Click3x

3/18/08: I'm currently compositing at 1st Avenue Machine.

12/1/07: I'm Co-Directing and Producing a project for Ecko with Graham Elliott

10/10/07: Doing some matte painting for Click3x

9/12/07: Compositing Guinness for Psyop: Football and Show

8/27/07: I helped Aggressive with a ton of greenscreen shots and motion tracking.

Spring/Summer 2007: lots of fun compositing for Psyop's Happiness Factory 2.




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